toki pona epansa

Toki Pona is a minimalisot artificial language with only 123 root words created by Sonja Lang, aka. Sonja Elen Kisa.
The official site is now mainly publicity for the official book, aka. 'pu'.

The word 'kipisi' (to cut) didn't make it into 'pu', but it was once mentioned on the official website.
Some words were taken together in 'pu', but for most Tokiponians, they have distinct meanings.
And finally some word meanings were a bit altered in 'pu' in comparison to their usage by the TP community.

Two community words 'apeja' (shame) and 'monsuta' (monster) weren't never officialized and aren't in 'pu', but both are largely known.
Some older TP words, like 'leko' (block, stairs) , 'majuna' (old) and 'pata' (brother, sister) are also widely accepted.

I've created an expansion ('epansa') for toki pona, I deem necessary:

'luka en noka' (20 = number of digits on hands and feet)
'kento' (100)
'mila' (1000)

'kilo' (kilo)
'lita' (liter)
'meta' (meter)

'sekonto' (second)
'minuta' (minute)
'sa' (hour < from Swahili 'saa')

ni li epansa nanpa wan. epansa ni li wile tawa mi.
This is the first expansion. This expansion is necessary to me.

Toki Pona SIL request for a language code has been turned down anno 2007 , especially for not having larger numbers.
The same argument was used when closing down the Toki Pona wikipedia...

2017 = tu mila luka luka luka tu
1972 = mila luka tu tu kento tu wan luka en noka luka luka tu
7 000 000 000 = luka tu mila mila mila
3,14 = tu wan en nanpa wan nanpa tu tu
70% = tu wan luka en noka luka luka pi kento

epansa nanpa tu
Finally, I would consider adding

''puku'' (book, literacy, literature, literary),
''konpu'' (computer, electronics, electronical, chip) and
''tele'' (television, movie, film, cinema, cinematographic).

maybe also

''mapa'' (map)
''leson'' (lesson)
''intenetu'' (internet)
''uniwesita'' (university, universitary)

epansa nanpa tu li pona tawa mi.
The second expansion is good for me.

epansa nanpa tu wan
I've also considered to introduce

''mele'' (mail, post)
''ajuta'' (help)
''inpo'' (info)

epansa nanpa tu wan li ken tawa mi.
The third expansion is possible for me.

These expansions would mean to go well beyond the 120 root words, but the first Toki Pona presentation mid-2001 stated :

Toki Pona! The Natural, Simple Language. Toki Pona is a cute, pidgin-like language designed to express basic human realities by reducing words and ideas to their most simple and universal meanings and avoiding unnecessary complexity. Inspired by the principles of Taoism and primitivism, the entire language has only 14 sounds and under 200 words.

Even when implementing all three expansions we are still below this 200 word level...